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This directory lists Interpreter Referral Agencies, Interpreter Education & Sign Language Programs, and qualified interpreters for the State of Michigan. All Michigan Quality Assurance (QA), National Association of the Deaf (NAD), National Interpreter Certificate (NIC), and Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) interpreters have been listed. Additionally, some of them have given us permission to share their contact information.

When an agency, court, public service, public accommodation, deaf or hard of hearing person determines the need for an interpreter, it is strongly suggested that they contact the closest interpreter referral agency. The agency will identify and send the most qualified interpreter for the assignment provided they have ample time to schedule the interpreter. Assignments of two hours or longer may require more than one interpreter.

Interpreters may be found by name, region, or credential. Those interpreters who names are in multiple regions have indicated that they are willing to travel to those specific areas Nationally certified interpreters are strongly recommended for legal, mental health and long term counseling situations.

Qualified and certified interpreters have been issued cards identifying them and their current skill level. It is good practice to ask to see their card. All card carrying interpreters are bound by the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct which stresses the confidentiality of interpreted information.

If you are unable to secure a qualified interpreter or have further questions, please contact the Division on Deaf and Hard of Hearing at 877-499-6232 V/TTY toll free, 517-335-6004 V/TTY, or 517-335-7773 FAX.
The Commission on Disability Concern’s Division on Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DODHH) has listed the Interpreter Directory as a resource for you.

Disclaimer: The Interpreter Directory is published as required by P.A. 204 of 1982 to assist with effective communication. The DODHH cannot, however, guarantee the effectiveness of everyone listed in the directory. Please call DODHH for additional information if you are unable to locate the name of a specific interpreter and have searched using variant spellings and only the first or last name.

Recommendation: Please contact the DODHH for consultation and technical assistance when providing services to persons with a hearing loss.
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